How it Works: For Schools

Register for a special account that makes managing multiple student enrollment simple

Add teachers and control the distribution of tutoring minutes into their accounts

Each student receives an account, and teachers distribute tutoring minutes as they see fit

Teachers receive complete updates on student activity on their dashboard

Student search our extensive database by grade, subject, or exam to find the perfect tutor

Teachers can help the student, and enjoy ultimate control over tutor choice

Teachers can choose to place multiple students in a single group session to foster peer learning and earn extra tutoring minutes

Every tutoring session receives final teacher approval before it is scheduled

After every session, teachers can access the full lesson, including tutors’ notes and lectures, through the student management system—making it a perfect source for future homework assignments, review or class discussion

Students attend lessons taught by passionate, knowledgeable tutors in an innovative internet classroom complete with video, audio, a whiteboard, chat, and even note-sharing for group classes

Immediate feedback from your child's tutor after every session, identifying strengths and opportunities for growth

Leave feedback about your tutor and earn reward points that can be used toward tutoring sessions